It’s an amazing thing to know that medical professionals can look inside the body for damage or disease without using invasive techniques. It’s always fortunate when the use of an X-ray exam can provide doctors with important information that they can use to heal their patients. X-rays provide the additional benefit of alerting doctors to problems that can be further examined or tested. In fact, many people can say they owe their lives to this wonderful diagnostic tool.

Brentview Medical has a full service certified X-ray department. The practice has a full time X-ray technician on site and has the latest in digital technology. X-rays can be viewed on digital screens throughout the office and X-ray copies are made on CD by request. Brentview Medical makes full use of this latest and advanced medical technology, and has experienced medical professionals that safely provide patients with the best care.

Patients receive lead covering for X-rays and every effort is made to ensure a perfect X-ray.  If you could possibly be pregnant, please notify your physician or the X-ray technician.

Questions? Contact our X-ray department at xray@BrentviewMedical.com

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