Weight Loss Programs

Medical professionals know that, in addition to great medical care, maintaining proper weight is one of the very best ways to keep healthy. In circumstances where health is greatly at risk, weight loss can greatly decrease this risk. However, it can be difficult to lose weight when one doesn’t have enough information and guidance in understanding what to eat and how to best exercise.

At Brentview Medical, we believe healthy nutrition is the foundation for healthy living. Therefore, we have integrated excellent weight loss programs into our practice to provide solutions to our overweight patients.

The Brentview Medical doctors and staff are here to help you achieve your personal best. They can provide you with a nutritional plan to suit your lifestyle and make you lose weight. Getting healthy works best when you have someone you can trust to help you along.

In addition to nutritional support, our physicians prescribe a wide variety of pills (e.g. Phentermine, etc.) and injections to make weight loss easier. Brentview Medical will provide you with the trusted environment you need to be successful.  To make a weight loss plan, please call our clinic to schedule an office visit with one of our healthcare providers. Take this first step toward a healthier you.

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