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Recent research into healing musculoskeletal injuries suggests that movement is even more important to recovery than previously thought. The old RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) guidelines have even come into question. The latest verdict seems to be that careful movement and exercise do more to speed healing than rest and ice. The same experts aren’t exactly certain why movement of injured tissues works better than immobilizing them, but there is agreement that stillness is the enemy. When you rest injuries for prolonged periods, everything shrinks and atrophies—muscles, bones, and ligaments—which slows healing. Careful muscle activation, like that done in physical therapy, has the opposite effect. Movement around lymphatic vessels clears waste and increases blood circulation to injured tissues. Increased circulation boosts the recovery processes that are necessary for healing. Physical therapy is a great way to keep an injury safely moving in order to promote healing.

Brentview Medical has a full physical therapy department specializing in the treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. The physical therapists work closely with our physicians and orthopedic surgeons to ensure a rapid recovery. Areas of specialty include hand/upper-extremity issues (ie. carpal tunnel syndrome) as well as neck and back injuries.
Brentview Medical’s physical therapy department is equipped with the latest equipment. Our experienced staff emphasize early treatment to return our patients back to work and health as quickly as possible. Our physical therapy centers are conveniently located in West Hollywood and Brentwood, CA, so you can get the care you need in a location that works for you.

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