Physical Exam

Advances in medical knowledge make it possible to cure people of diseases that used to be incurable. These advances also help doctors detect diseases while they are still easily treatable. People can live healthier lives and much longer lives than in the past. Modern medical knowledge can work wonders, but only if medical screening and treatment are sought on a regular basis. The annual physical is one of the best tools for medical practitioners to help keep their patients healthy.

Brentview Medical Clinic is fully equipped to perform annual physical examinations for our patients. Each exam is tailored to the patient’s age, sex, and medical history. The physicians of the clinic will perform the general examination as well as blood work and any needed procedures.

For those interested in a more deluxe experience, the physicians of Brentview Medical are associated with Concierge Medicine/LA, an executive healthcare practice that offers the Presidential Physical, an extremely comprehensive physical exam which is comparable to what the President of the United States receives every year.

Brentview Medical also is a certified civil surgeon and can perform immigration physical exams. For more information on immigration physicals, please visit our Immigration Physical Page.

So, no matter who you are, or no matter what your medical history, our physical exams are tailor-made to help our medical professionals understand what your needs are and to help keep you healthy.

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